2 photos
Green Detour
"I’m pleasantly surprised by how saturated and bright the color is for PBT dye sub. Thank you for accommodating niche layouts! This makes a truly customized experience and flattens the learning curve of QAZ/sub-40 a bit."
β€” Hirohime
3 photos
"Thanks so much for all your help during the process. The Keycaps finally arrived and they look phenomenal! Additionally, the quality is superb, and the profile, while lower than the OEM Keychron profile, still feels really good to type on."
β€” u/awesome13579135
Reddit post
2 photos
s p a c e b a r
"I finally have legends for this layout 🀩"
β€” dhessi
3 photos
60% classic with colored mods
β€” Microkeebs
Youtube video
Custom TKL
"I absolutely love the keycaps! Your support is fantastic and the caps look and feel amazing. I’m super happy with how everything turned out, thank you all so much and I hope your business continues to grow and thrive!"
β€” Matthew
TPS40 custom keycaps
β€” Abel X
3 photos
40% Game Boy
"My custom dmg-esque set came in today. I love these. Will take better pictures in the morning but wanted to put them on as soon as I got them. Perfect texture, very good alignment for legends, seamless order experience. Would 10/10 recommend."
β€” Nachie
4 photos
Yellow UHK
β€” pcooke9
Read online
5 photos
Azerty TKL
β€” edwood79
3 photos
β€” Juche Catgirl
5 photos
β€” u/Toast_Meat
Reddit post
3 photos
Tofu60 2.0 (HHKB layout)
"really satisfied by their looks and feeling, big shoutout to Simon for the helpfulness and the taking care throughout the whole order process!"
β€” domenico597
Grey Corne
"Thanks for the keycaps, they are beautiful!"
β€” Kein_Mark
2 photos
40% Ortho
β€” mae
4 photos
Keychron Q3
β€” u/thefreedomtunnel
Reddit post
2 photos
"I like the keycaps recently ordered"
β€” Chris
2 photos
40% ortho keyboard
"I received the keycaps and I'm in LOVE! They turned out super pretty - way better than I imagined. Definitely going to get some more caps from you in the future. Recommended!"
β€” Sabrina
3 photos
60% French Black Tofu
"Printing quality is very good and everything was very well packaged. Alignment is good for a custom service. Shoutout to YUZU for they took great care of the order, questions and demands that I had."
β€” KowA
65% purple and white
"The keycap looks great and feels great 🀩"
β€” Snow167
Blue corne
"My first set arrived today…look and feel great"
β€” Cromat
10 photos
75% keyboard with custom Yuzu keycaps
β€” Oratio
5 photos
40% keyboard, Yuzu colorway
"It arrived already, took only 11 days to Germany. Looks really good, in person as well πŸ™‚ The left arrow was a mistake of mine, thought I could use another bottom row, but thats only available with the solder-PCB."
β€” Technofrikus
Reddit post
Atreus custom keycaps
"The keycaps look and feel incredible!"
β€” Chris
3 photos
AZERTY 60% πŸ₯–
β€” Inviz
4 photos
Finally A Keycap Set That Matches My Personality And What This Hobby Did To My Wallet 🀑
"Full disclosure, they reached out for me to review their site and configurator and I happily agreed and made this set that I personally call "PBT Clown""
β€” u/MerkTheKeebMan
Reddit post